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Wed, Apr. 20th, 2005, 02:46 pm
esoteric_candor: i have a few questions and an update!

few questions regarding boarding and college. and then a short update on some things happening at my barn [those are always fun x_x]

i will be moving to the Syracuse, New York [technically Cortland, but Syracuse is the closest large town] area later this summer. i was wondering if anyone here boarded in that area [or New York period] and could give me an idea how much boarding will cost. also, what types of riding are popular [i'd like to start dressage lessons again] and if there are a lot of farms in that area? and information regarding horses in [upstate] New York would be really helpful and i'd appreciate them.

and, has anyone attended Morrisville College in Syracuse? it offers several equine study programs for a bachelors degree and i am planning on applying. i just wanted any feedback about the college and the program.

now, on to the barn drama [i can't wait to leave!].

shockingly, some drama occured at the barn yesterday. also shocking, Barbara was involved. to summarize, Barbara's gelding [Sunny] was mounting three other mares which are in heat. Jodi removed the three mares and put them in the "mare" pasture. Sunny was flipping out and basically trying to go through the fence and he also has chronic laminitis and should be running [he was flat out galloping up and down the fence line] around [he also shouldn't be out in a pasture with grass, but that's a different story]. thusly we moved him to a paddock away from the mares.

Jodi recieved a call from Barb last night telling her that if she ever touched her horses again Barb would prosecute her. how fucking ridiculous, she completely ignored the fact that we were trying to keep him from hurting himself. she even went as far to say her horse wouldn't mount other horses - which is unfortunate for her because I SAW him do it. three times. i'm wanted to take pictures of him doing it and blow them up and post them on the cork board after Jodi told me that.

i honestly think Barbara has a personal problem with Jodi and that is the reason she was upset.

i hate Barb.

Wed, Apr. 6th, 2005, 09:18 am
esoteric_candor: (no subject)

i never realized how much my horse loves and respects me. it's a great feeling.

i've been letting Jodi use Brite for weekly lessons. each time i have been sitting on the fence watching her lesson.

last Thursday she was getting Brite ready for her lesson and i was cleaning up Jodi's baby so i could lunge her. Jodi has to use a mounting block [combination of bad knee and tall horse/short person] to get on and she went off with her instructor, Rob, to do so. i headed for the arena to work the baby.

long story short, Brite wouldn't stand still for Jodi to get on. in fact he was almost bolting when approached to mount. which is something he NEVER, EVER does. they came back over to me and explained what was happening. Rob is a big believer of natural horsemanship [which is why i'm okay with my horse being used in the lessons] and was tying some techniques that were not working.

so, i take my horse into the arena and just hop on and he just stood there for me. Jodi asks what she did wrong and Rob tells her she did nothing wrong. it was obvious to him [and not to myself, though i knew we had a strong bond] that the bond between Brite and i was very, very strong. and that he trusted me completely and knew i was the "Boss Mare" [as someone else put it ^_^]. i trotted Brite around a few times and asked him to collect up and relax, which he did. i also got on and off him a few times just to prove to myself it wasn't a fluke.

Rob told Jodi to get back on and Brite stood there perfectly - but i was standing right there also. Rob explained to us that Brite would be good for Jodi when i was around because he felt safe. but without me there and two people he didn't trust or know where trying to do things with him he did not feel safe. i guess i never realized how much our horses look to us for that feeling of safety and direction.

Rob asked Jodi to trot down the long side of the arena and the entire time she did Brite had his head toward the inside with his eye on me. Rob suggested that she and i work together so that the dominance and trust i have with Brite will "rub off" on her. i guess it's like when you have a dog that is very protective of you and would hurt anyone that just walked in the front door, but if you are with that person the dog will accept them as okay. not saying that my horse is vicious, but that eventually he'll accept Jodi as a person to trust.

though i promised him i never would and we'd grow old together, this makes me wonder about selling or leasing Brite. it would seem that he would have the same problem with anyone, unless i was right there with them. i have no intentions of selling or leasing him out but it was a thought that crossed my mind.

Mon, Apr. 4th, 2005, 09:29 pm
esoteric_candor: (no subject)

[x-posted everywhere]

a plethoria of information that i've been meaning to post for a while [and now it's accumulated to a stack!]. i've taken [parts of. some of the material in the articles are filler] these articles from Horse & Rider, John Lyons' Perfect Horse, Horse Illustrated and Equus. it's long, i'm sorry, but i put them under several lj-cuts. also, i didn't want to make ten different posts... anyway, enjoy!

+some really good ideas to help get your horse back should it [heaven forbid] be stolen or lost. i, with the mysterious person messing with horses at my barn, will definitely be doing this just as a precautionary measure. An ID Kit for Your HorseCollapse )

+ with spring here and new growth everywhere watchout for Poisonous PlantsCollapse )

+tips on preventing laminitis. this was an eye opener for me, who wasn't framiliar how easily [somewhat] this potentially fatal hoof condition can pop up. Preventing LaminitisCollapse )

+ a guide of sorts to what to have in your first aid kit and how to handle some situations. Essential Horse Care Supplies, ectCollapse )

and that's all for now!

Thu, Mar. 31st, 2005, 08:08 pm
esoteric_candor: (no subject)

i brought my horses in last night. i made sure everything was latched and go to go and went home.

when i arrived, however, my horses were in the opposite stalls!

we've been noticing the gates on their runs have been unlatched, not opened, in the mornings sometimes. never consistantly or in a pattern that we can decern. another boarder found 6-8 apples in her feeder and a pair of gloves in her stall. we called the MP's [military police] and filed a report. they told us the only thing they could do was beef up the security [driving by the farm]. but admitted that there wasn't much they could see in the middle of the night [from what the boarders say it's been going on for about three years, but never in a pattern. however, the gates being opened and what looks like riding marks on my horses has been happening quiet often lately].

which, i believe, is why our horses [their stalls have runs and the runs are hidden from view from the road, basically] and the other boarders horse [hers is in the back barn and is also some what hidden from view] are being "targeted." needless to say, i'm sick of it entirely and it's going to stop.

when i went to ride Brite this afternoon he was not acting normal. he was trying to bolt and acted nervous in the grooming area and arena. this is NOT like him what so ever. i found what looked like a bareback spot [you know how the hair gets ruffled] on Cody.

sooo, tonight i am dragging one of my friends [non-horsey, but she loves them. and she also has been wanting to go out to the barn ^_^] with me and i'm spending the night. i'm taking my video camera [with nightshot], cell phone and a book to read [enough light comes in from the light in the street] and we're staying in the empty end stall next to our horses. i'm not sure if anything will happen tonight, but i plan on staying out there every night until i catch the person[s] doing this.

of course, i'm parking my car somewhere else. and i'm getting ready to head out there now, so it won't be real late and suspicious.

i'm going to keep an eye and ear out. first thing that sounds suspicious i am calling the MP's and video taping. i'm not going to try to confront anyone, because i don't want to get hurt. but i want to have evidence of whoever.

i'm so pissed.

Tue, Mar. 22nd, 2005, 03:08 pm
esoteric_candor: (no subject)

i was typing an entry in my personal journal, contemplating and whinning [as usual ^_^], when i discovered something rather disturbing about my relationship with another boarder.

while i feel we are friends [and she the same], i believe i am getting used, in a sense.

all of this came about as i was weighing the pros and cons of staying at my current barn. [essentially, i'd like to be able to work off part or all of my board, and, unfortunately, it is not at option where i currently board.] the good, the bad, the usedCollapse )

Sun, Mar. 20th, 2005, 09:41 pm
esoteric_candor: (no subject)

just wanted to share the goings-on at the barn. we've had some beautiful days this week. hope spring starts popping up for everyone else, too.

yesterday was beautiful. and taking the wonderful opportunity, i gave my horses a bath. in fact, all the horses in my barn [there are only four and i own two of them] got baths. it is so nice to see my Paint white, instead of that dingy yellow-brown. i also redid their tails and conditioned their manes, tails and forelocks. both of my horses tails are dragging on the ground. ^_^

i've decided to persue dressage with Brite. i know that no QH's have made it to the upper levels [like Grand Prix], but i hardly think i'd ever make it that far anyway. besides, dressage training is great for any horse. and it's definitely more interesting that regular flatwork, at least in my opinion.

the Hanovarian two year old at my barn sliced her face open on the gate. she has a good four to five inch gash on her jaw. for some reason Jodi called me to come out to the barn when it happened. at first, i thought it was one of my own horses and was freaking out. i went out to the barn anyway, but didn't see why it was important that i go out when it wasn't my horse. by the time that i got there the owners were already taking care of everything. oh well, at least i have enough respect from her for her to call me in an emergency.

oh, yes, and today Ed, Jodi and i repaired some of the fences for the paddocks. and a few days ago we sorted through the woodpile and tossed the rotted and broken pieces. we also cleared out the shed and organized it some. man, by the time we start work parties there isn't going to be anything to do!

did i mention that Ed was elected Work Day Supervisor [schedules the work days and makes sure everyone shows up, decides what needs to be done, ect] and Adrian was elected Health and Safety Officer. i'm glad he was because he's a paramedic and firefighter.

anyway, that the end of my ramble.

Tue, Mar. 8th, 2005, 03:58 pm
esoteric_candor: (no subject)

i need some advice from people who understand where i'm coming from.

background info, just in case you need itCollapse )

my problem, so to speakCollapse )

Fri, Mar. 4th, 2005, 09:27 pm
esoteric_candor: (no subject)

today was the barn meeting. impressively, it went well and, i believe, a lot of important issues were addressed.

Mr. Dumas said we could host shows to generate money for the barn. yay! he also said that any of the other things [like getting charged $20.00 for not cleaning your stall in four consecutive days and $6.00 any days [also consecutive] thereafter [since we are supposed to clean are stalls at least every other day, and you think a RESPONSIBLE horse owner would...]] involving money charged would come back to the barn for improvements.

he stated he wanted to get the safety issues corrected first [thank God] before worrying about any cosmetic problems.

we are going to vote on who will be in charge of work days, the manager and the health and safety officer, as well.

there was no yelling or fighting. and afterwards everyone hung out and chatted with each other. i was very pleased overall. i said my bit about the gossiping and backstabbing, which Mr. Dumas backed me up on. he said we didn't have to like each other, but we did need to get along. he reiterated that it was everyone's barn and we should treat it as such and help out whenever needed. we got permission to fix problems as they arise [boards down, ect] and not to worry about contacting the ODR office to let them know.

afterwards a few of us rode. and that brings me to a question.

my gelding was stiff on his right side, which is his bad direction. i haven't been riding too much, due to the cold and rainy conditions, so i know it's partially my fault. i tried doing circles and getting him to flex to his right, but nothing seemed to help. i've never had a problem in the past with getting him to flex on the right. he DID get his spring shots yesterday, and although i don't know which side it was on [couldn't be there to meet the vet] i suspect it may have something to do with the problem.

anyway, i was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for getting him to loosen up?

danke in advance! ^_^

Wed, Mar. 2nd, 2005, 11:29 am
esoteric_candor: i have to vent, sorry

on Monday it was raining and very windy, thusly chilly. i thought Jodi would leave the horses in, but i was wrong. i came out to the barn that night and they were soaking wet. normally, i don't care if they get rained on, but it was pretty damn cold. i was pissed because we had just had a conversation the week before about how they turned out the rest of the horses in the freezing cold rain. we have no run-in sheds in the fields, so they have no shelter. and then that night, after they had dried, i put their blankets on them. when i went out yesterday, they were off. what the hell?

i appreciate Jodi helping me with my horses, but if i want their blankets on, leave them on! it was so windy and cold yesterday. the barn is on a fucking ocean inlet, so it's always more windy there. i almost feel like Jodi has somehow taken over my horses. and if i do anything new she is bugging me for an answer to her ever-loving annoying "why?" i keep my horses tails in socks during the winter. now, so does she.

she keeps mentioning/asking how Brite is when he is ridden. he honestly takes advantage of people who don't know what they are doing. she doesn't know what she is doing. i really don't like people who can't ride/i don't know [which i do know her] riding my horses. and for some reason she thinks it's okay for her to ride him. i have told her it isn't and if she was to ride him, i would have to be there.

she keeps dropping all of these hints about how now she has a horse to ride because she's trading cleaning it's stall. but, in a few months the horse is leaving and she won't have one to ride afterwards. i know she wants me to tell her she can ride Brite, but it isn't going to fucking happen!

also, i'm training her baby. the filly is a coming two-year old. she's had plenty of groundwork, lunges really well [though she does throw fits ocassionally], been saddled, started to get use to the bit, been introduced to tarps, plastic bags and other "scary" objects, taken on [in hand] walks around the farm and surrounding areas, and i have gotten on her [walking and whoaing only] probably a total of four times in a few months. Jodi is CONSTANTLY talking about riding her, working her more, ect. the next time she mentions it i'm going to have to explain to her that it isn't all to great to work a baby so much or to ride her as much as she wants me to. though, i have before.

this little filly is a good size. probably close to 900lbs and almost 15.2hh and a tank [QH]. but Jodi probably weighs 200lbs and DOESN'T know how to ride. she's very eager to learn and wants me to explain how i'm training her horse, which is great. but i don't think it's a good idea AT ALL for her to get on this horse. honestly, she probably has another year and a half before i would think it's okay. i don't know how to tell her this, because she is a friend and i don't want to hurt her feelings. ugh.

i understand being eager to ride your horse and learn. but good Lord! she is driving me insane with the constant hints. for instance, "I can't wait for it to warm up so we can work Cheri more." the horse gets worked about three times a week and is messed with everyday. i think this is absolutely fine for her. she's responding well and seems happy. i'm going to tell Jodi to ask her vet what they think the horse should be doing at this age and development. i know the vet is coming out soon for shots, and hopefully he will tell her what i think. i feel pressured and get annoyed almost everyday at the barn because of this.

and she keeps compairing the filly to EVERY other horse. "Cheri's bigger than her [points at another two-year old filly, which is a Hanovarian. her horse is a Quarter...], but that ones tail is longer. why?" I DON'T KNOW, IT JUST GREW FASTER?!

also, WHY DO NOVICES BUY BABIES? and what respectable horse person sells a person with basically no knowledge of horses a baby or green horse? there should be a law against it.

and yes, this is one of the people that wants to make the barn better. she really is a friend, but i needed some place to vent about all of this.

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